Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Continued Public Investment in the River District

January 28, 2014
By Tola Adamson | ABC13

Thanks to a 2.4 million dollar federal grant, Piedmont Access to Health Services in Danville will be able to make a bigger impact in the health community.

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Construction started last week right next to PATHS' health center on Main Street. The new building will add an extra 9,000 square feet to their current facility.

They said they will use the extra space to expand their pharmacy operation. They will also move their pediatric medical services there, and add behavioral health to that department. They said they want to better serve the increased number of children they are seeing with ADD, ADHD and autism.

"Behavioral health services for that young population, there's simply a capacity issue in our community. Many families are forced to go out of town to seek services or even worse, to go without," said Billy Crumpton, Chief Operating Officer of Danville PATHS.

PATHS expects construction to be complete by late November.